Free Webinar for Women in Real Estate

“Already into 2014… geez, my plate is already full and I know I could be making more…”

woman2As you jump into 2014, you don’t need more hype to help you in your business…you just need something that works.

On this free webinar, I’ll be straight with what’s worked this year in my business and those of my clients.

There’s 4 key elements that have repeatedly stood out to distinguish the “successful” Realtors and the ones that work hard but still don’t seem to make progress.

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I invite you to join me on a FREE webinar specifically for women in real estate. On the webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. The three crippling mistakes female Realtors make that keep them overworked, overcommitted and disconnected from their loved ones

  2. How to overcome the “Superwoman Syndrome”: trying to do everything on your own

  3. Why typical “time saving strategies” end up wasting more of your precious time when you’re already overwhelmed, overworked and overcommitted. Not only do they not save you time, you fall short on your promises and everyone suffers: your clients, your family and your relationships.
  4. How to identify & incorporate the “right” strategies & systems in your business to support your goals and vision, rather than continuing to work in your business instead of on your business



normaNorma Stratton is a real estate professional based in Alexandria, VA. She’s also the founder of She helps women who are feeling stuck in their Real Estate business by giving them processes, mindsets and strategies to implement to go to the next level. She most enjoys working with those that feel overwhelmed and over-committed yet continue to produce the same results. Her coaching clients love her practical applications and complete commitment to them finding clarity and success.